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Episode: Sassy Sisters Against Artistic Friends - 13:00 9 February

This episode of Flea Market Flip features design-savvy and sassy sisters Susan and Jennifer taking on artistic friends Vanessa and Bao.

Episode: Barbwire Lights, Stoves and Maps - 13:30 9 February

This episode of Flea Market Flip features New Yorkers Larry and Ivan, two brash buddies who love to build, as they go up against Amy and Janel, who are two friends with a keen eye for design.

Episode: Love Letters or Hate Mail? - 13:00 10 February

Randy and Frank take on best friends Susie and Michelle at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut, with $500 to spend on their Flip List projects.

About the show

Flea Market Flip shows viewers how a little cash can go a long way with the right amount of creativity. Each week a plethora of amazing items will be showcased by our teams as they creatively use their eye for style and some elbow grease to turn these leftovers into a main course by the show's conclusion. Given only $500, ourFlea Market Flip contestants will scour the booths and tents in search of items they can buy, fix and then flip for a higher sum. With each team battling it out to win all of the profits earned that day, the true winner will be the viewer at home, who will have a variety of exciting ideas to inspire them as they begin their next project around their own home!

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