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Episode: Costa Rica Tree House - 25:00 9 June

Edsart Besier's tree house is built from salvaged wood, with tree trunks growing through his home. The Khorakiwala family were inspired by a visit to Spain's Alhambra Palace to build their own eight-storey Moorish tower in India.

Episode: Mexican Water Tower, Tyrolean Chalet, Brazilian Ball Home - 25:30 9 June

Regina and Leon's home in the snow is a colourful sight in the Tyrolean Alps. Brazilian architect Eduardo Longo builds his minimalist ball-shaped home on top of his old house, molding everything from smooth white concrete.

Episode: Indonesian Energy House, Australian Fire Truck Motor Home, Brazilian Cliff House - 25:00 10 June

Jewellery designer Carolyn Tyler bases her Indonesian home on the chakras, using colour to represent feelings. Plus, Christine and Rob Gray refit an old fire truck as a motor home to explore the Australian countryside.

About the show

It may look weird to an onlooker but it's home, sweet, home to the owners of the most bizarre and unusual dwellings around the world, as host Ruth England finds out when she pays a visit and gets a guided tour by the families who call these unconventional houses home.

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