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Episode: British Glass House, Malaysian Timber Triangle, Kenyan Organic House - 25:00 8 May

Architect Graham Phillips created a glass home with the kitchen, living and dining areas housed in a pristine pavilion that floats above the lake and gardens. Paul Krystall's home rises above the canopy of a tropical rainforest.

Episode: Bali, Australia, Canada - 25:30 8 May

Tour a beautiful open-air home in Bali. Also, see some spectacular and outrageous homes in Australia and Canada.

Episode: Phoenix Earthhome - 25:00 9 May

Kazuo Yasukita builds an ultra-modern home to fit a difficult hillside plot, architect Patrick Stanigar creates a custom geodesic dome as the ultimate island getaway, and a family in Canada build an eco-friendly home using recycled tyres.

About the show

It may look weird to an onlooker but it's home, sweet, home to the owners of the most bizarre and unusual dwellings around the world, as host Ruth England finds out when she pays a visit and gets a guided tour by the families who call these unconventional houses home.

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