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Episode: Magicians - 14:00 3 October

Ezra and Julie are called in to help make cook Sean's crappy vegetarian meals disappear.

Episode: Paranormal Inv's - 14:30 3 October

Can Ezra and Julie perform an exorcism on cook Steve's mysterious meals?

Episode: Red Hat Pistiolers - 14:00 4 October

The Red Hat Pistol Packin Mamas call Julie and Ezra to get Shelly's cooking back on target.

About the show

Healthy Gourmet follows nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title as they carry the ongoing battle of taste vs. nutrition into the real world. Each episode will find Julie in the nutrition corner and Ezra in the taste corner, going head-to-head with open minds and open mouths. Their ultimate goal is to help the chosen group find the right balance between food that’s healthy for the heart and tasty for the tongue. Although both hosts are openly honest and passionate about which side of the fence they sit on, Julie and Ezra understand that finding the right balance is the secret of good eating. This is guaranteed to be an eye opening journey of epicurean enlightenment, although this journey of discovery will not always be paved with understanding and compassion!

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