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Episode: The Entry Flip - 20:00 9 June

DIY Network's Jason Cameron heads to Willard Avenue to help the Grubbs family to transform their front door. What was once the area's original majestic farmhouse has become an eye-sore.

Episode: An Edible Transformation - 20:30 9 June

Jason Cameron heads to San Diego to rescue the Schotts and their neighbours from a concrete jungle. Jason helps this expectant couple replace the concrete in their yard with an edible landscape.

Episode: Tropical Depression - 23:00 10 June

The Aguerres' front yard doesn't fit in with the lush tropical neighbourhood of Pembroke Pines. Jason Cameron and the team transform the landscape to appease their complaining neighbours.

About the show

Nothing is more embarrassing than having the ugliest yard on the block — especially when your neighbors call you out. Armed with creative solutions, licensed contractor Jason Cameron transforms a negligent neighbor's troubled yard into an outdoor showplace — in only one day. From new planting beds and big, new trees to fresh paint and fencing, Desperate Landscapes is all about going from helpless to beautiful!

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