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Episode: Busy New Yorkers Move to St Croix - 05:00 7 April

Lloyd and Michelle are busy New Yorkers who run a catering business. They always knew they wanted to leave the city someday, but it wasn't until they saw an advertisement for St Croix that they had found their new home.

Episode: Newlyweds Leave Their Ohio Home - 05:00 8 April

Matt and Kristy are about to get married. They went to high school together and, 12 years after graduation, they started dating and are now engaged. They're tired of the daily grind and brutal winters and look to St. Croix.

Episode: From Michigan to St Croix - 05:00 9 April

Amy, Marc and their four kids considered themselves Midwest lifers. But when Marc's company offered him a chance to relocate to their St Croix office, the couple decided to move to St Croix.

About the show

We follow families as they leave the mainland behind and head to the Caribbean to live on island time. Join their search for an affordable slice of heaven, touring gorgeous homes on white sandy beaches. You don't have be rich to live in paradise!

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