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Episode: Couple Drops Everything and Moves to Kauai - 05:30 9 June

When Jennifer got a job offer at a hospital on Kauai, she and her husband Brady left their Indianapolis home for Hawaii. Jennifer must be less than thirty minutes from the hospital, which could be a challenge for broker Miriam Perlmutter.

Episode: From Oregon to Maui for Scuba Diving Fun - 05:30 10 June

Haley Van Noord is moving to Maui from Oregon. Haley is an avid scuba diver, so realtor Tobi Fisher shows her three properties near some of the best beaches and dive spots.

Episode: Going Multi-Generational on Oahu - 05:30 11 June

Rae and Erik Smith are looking for a home in Oahu to fit their newborn as well as Rae's mother. Realtor Caron Ling shows them three properties with 'Ohana' units: separate spaces referred to on the mainland as 'mother-in-law suites.'

About the show

You don't have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it, say the brokers at the Hawaii Life realty firm who make island-living dreams come true for clients ready to make it a reality. In Hawaii, properties range from $50K plots of land to $50 million-dollar dream homes, from Oahu to Kauai to the Big Island to Maui. The firm's 130+ brokers are unlikely real estate moguls, people who themselves have made the leap to the life in Hawaii, as they call it, and who want to see that others can enjoy it too. This half-hour real estate series will follow the firm's endless stream of clients who are abandoning their 9 to 5 lives in Anywhere, U.S.A., to take hold of a Hawaii Life.

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